Corrugated cardboard

Corrugated cardboard for shipping – sustainable protection

Protect your products during shipping with corrugated cardboard. Then you are guaranteed a durable and robust protection in high quality for fragile goods.

Our corrugated cardboard is produced from FSC-labeled cardboard, which is very durable and flexible. All grooves with air provide optimal protection and shock absorption of your products so that they reach the customer in complete and undamaged condition.


A smart and easy way to protect your goods is with corrugated cardboard on a roll. The construction of flat and corrugated cardboard provides the optimal protection of your products against shocks and blows during shipment. Our corrugated cardboard on rolls can easily be used with both our shipping bags and shipping boxes.

At the same time, corrugated cardboard on rolls makes it easy for you to adjust the size exactly to your product. Thus, there is less waste of cardboard, and it benefits both the bottom line and the environment.

Our corrugated cardboard is available in two colors of cardboard: white and brown, and in many different sizes, so it fits exactly what you need. All corrugated paper rolls are 70 meters long.

All our corrugated board products are produced in Denmark. This ensures high quality at low prices. The more you buy, the cheaper it gets.

Rolls: (There is always 70m pr. roll)


10 cm *(Only Brown)
15 cm
17 cm * (Only Nature)
20 cm
25 cm
30 cm
40 cm * (Only Nature)

Color: Brown and White

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