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We have canvas bags as standard in stock. It is available in five colored quality canvases. The bag is a delicious, powerful quality without print. If you order the bag from our warehouse before 14, we will send your order the same day.


The tote bag has become popular again as a shopping net, school bag and fashion accessory. The classic fabric bag with handle is available in several materials, including canvas, and the bag can have different types of handle depending on whether they are to be worn over the shoulder or on the arm.

Canvas can be shaped into the bag you want and makes it possible to make many different expressions on the bag depending on what message you want to tell.

Have a canvas tote bag made with your company logo printed on it, and let your customers advertise for you when they use their canvas bag again and again.

Many different options

We always tailor a solution for you based on your needs and desire for branding, design and finished expression.

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What is the Tote Bag made of?

It is not easy to tell the difference between a tote bag made of canvas and one of cotton. They are very similar to each other. The canvas used for tote bags today is made from cotton, which is either conventionally grown, eco-tex certified or 100% organic.

The term canvas implies that the cotton fabric is woven extra strongly. From an environmental point of view, the cotton plant uses a lot of water both during growth and during manufacture for canvas. On the other hand, with canvas you get a tote bag in really strong quality, which can hardly be worn up.