Tote bags made of jute have the same qualities as the tote bags in cotton and canvas. Jute is a strong material that has many environmentally friendly benefits.

The bag can be used again and again and washed gently if it has become dirty. As with our other tote bags, we also offer prints on our jute carrier bags, so your customers can carry your company name around when they shop.

Many different options

Jute is a grateful material to work with. Jute is a fast-growing grass species that grows fully in just 4-6 months. It grows mainly in Asia with India as the primary producer. The plant does not require much water or fertilizer in the coarse phase, and in the production phase the material is also very grateful and uses significantly fewer resources than other natural materials.

Jute can be a slightly stiff material, and therefore we also offer jute bags mixed with 20% cotton to get a softer jute bag.