Plastic bags

Order standard plastic bags and printed plastic bags

We have several different kinds of small and large plastic bags with handles in stock in different colors and materials and in both ordinary plastic and recycled plastic (look for the logo for recycled plastic). If you order before 14, we will send your goods the same day.

If you would rather have your own plastic bags with print and logo, we are happy to help you design the exact one you want. You decide the size, thickness, colors and design yourself. Contact your nearest seller via the form here or call our customer service on tel. 49 17 40 40, and you will be helped.

Considerations about plastic bags

The advantages of plastic bags are that they are practical, cheap to produce and can be made with all sorts of colors and expressions. A good carrier bag can be used several times, and if it is produced in recycled plastic, the CO2 footprint is lower than new or so-called virgin plastic.

We offer a large selection of plastic bags with prints and logos in all sizes from large to small plastic bags. If you need help designing the bags, our graphic department is ready to help you, so you can get exactly the look you want. We also sell cheap bags in a thinner material.

Overview of different types of plastic

Plastic for plastic bags is available in several different types. We have made a mini encyclopedia here where you can read about the different kinds of plastic. Once you have decided on the type of plastic you want, our sales people are ready to help you with all the technical aspects of the bag.

You must first decide what type of plastic you want. You can choose from the following types of plastic:

  • LDPE, virgin foil with glossy surface. New plastic that has not been used before.
  • HDPE, virgin foil with matte, frosted, knitted surface
  • PCR or “Post-consumer recycled”, recycled foil with gray-white knotted / stained surface
  • PIR or “Post-industrial recycled”, recycled foil with a smooth surface.

Be aware that recycled foil is never pure white. It always has a colored undertone, which can be grayish, greenish, reddish, etc. You should be aware that it can have an effect on the color if you want to color the bag with a very light color.

Corex, a welded quality typically with HDPE, which strengthens performance as well as prevents transparency. Can be combined with both new and recycled plastic. Typically made in white / black, white / gray or white / silver.

Once you have decided on the type of plastic you want, choose the thickness of your bag. The term for the thickness of plastic is called my. We offer grades from 40-0120 my. The most common is 50/60 my, so far most of the bags you find in retail today are around there