Plastic material

From an environmental point of view, the otherwise insulted material is not necessarily a bad solution. Quality plastic carrier bags can be used several times, and if you choose recycled plastic, the CO2 footprint is..

Non-woven Material

Non-woven is a light, strong and durable material. It is popular for eg tote bags, which can be used again and again – and afterwards the worn bag can be reused in the manufacture of new non-woven bags.

Böner & Blad

Böner & Blad The finest round tin can. With striped embossing and a copper-colored glossy look, the can gets an extremely brilliant appearance on the shelves. Logo is embossed on top to give the final finish.Food-approved tea can in size Ø90x100mm, which keeps your tea fresh for a longer time. RELATED CASES

Coffee & Tea

Coffee & The Contact Sales Tea bags and tea cans Delicate tea in bulk must be stored in light and airtight packaging, which is approved for food. In our range you will find tea bags and tea cans in different sizes, and together with you we develop the design, eg tea cans with logo, so […]

Kaufmann handle free bag

Kaufmann handle free bag FSC Brown kraft paper bag with black logo print. A more environmentally conscious alternative to the plastic bag. The customer receives a portable bag for product protection. With the top open, the bag just needs to be folded for a trendy look. RELATED CASES Hotspot tooltip content goes here Hotspot tooltip content […]

Malene Birger giftbag

Malene Birger Gift bag White gift bag with black logo print, which creates the classic and stylish look. The timeless design gives the gift bag a lifespan all year round. RELATED CASES

Lynggaard Jute

Lynggaard jute bag Tightly woven juco bag in natural shades. With the finest gold embroidered logo, the Lynggaard bag appears both classic and elegant. Traditional Totebag with open top in the material 260g juco.  RELATED CASES The size of the bag is 39x45cm. Handle 2.5x60cm. Hotspot tooltip content goes here

Selected R-pet

Selected r-pet Raw RPET bag made from recycled plastic. The clear white color with black logo print creates a contrast that gives a classic look. White RPET bag in medium size. The bag has both side seams and bottom seams, which makes room for more. Inside, the bag is provided with a lamination, which strengthens the […]

Sand Copenhagen ribbon

Sand Copenhagen ribbon Exclusive ribbon in nylon satin. The shiny black ribbon with silver logo print looks great on a black or white gift box. Provides a simple and elegant packaging.Double face nylon satin with logo print in silver hotfoil. Width of tape 15mm. RELATED CASES Hotspot tooltip content goes here Hotspot tooltip content goes […]

Mulberry ribbon

Mulberry ribbon Beautiful colorful ribbons which create an intense look. Combine the plum-colored ribbon with trendy colors like yellow, dark blue, nude or gray and create a warm atmosphere.Double face satin ribbon in 50mm width. RELATED CASES Hotspot tooltip content goes here Hotspot tooltip content goes here