Suit bags as stock

We have a standard stock of suit bags without print in felt, non woven and rPet. Therefore, we can offer fast delivery so you have them without long waiting time.

Exclusive suit bags with high branding value

A suit bag with print helps to brand your business. On the one hand, you give your customer a feeling of luxury by handing over the product in a nice clothes bag, and on the other hand, you brand your company to the maximum when your customer leaves the store with a suit bag with your logo on.

We are happy to help you design the right expression that brands your company in the best possible way.

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Many different options

We have suit bags and collection bags both with and without print and in several different qualities and materials: Non-woven, r-PET and cotton. 

A suit bag is the ultimate way to transport your new suit or dress home as they protect the clothes from stains and damage. Choose between clothes bags with zipper, buttons and lace closure, depending on what you think is most practical.

You can have the bag made in exactly the size that suits your product. For example, a long suit bag is good for long dresses because it can be folded in the middle and is easy to carry. They are also available in a smaller model for e.g. suit, which can also be made with an extra closure, so it can be folded and is extra easy to carry home.