October 2020

Embacollage A / S CVR no. 10088518, hereby declares that plastic and paper packaging complies with current legislation on food contact materials that are marketed at an earlier stage than the retail stage.


Embacollage A / S imports the plastic materials or paper materials or has them manufactured nationally. The materials are PET plastic inserts for use in chocolate boxes as well as boxes that can probably get in touch with the food.

The legislation includes: EC No 1935/2004.

The plastic insert trays are made of PET (polyethylene glycol terephthalate) Attached test data and theoretical calculations confirming purity criteria according to Directives 2008 / 60EC, 95 / 45EC and 2008/84 / EC.

The PET plastic trays are placed in boxes, after which the chocolate is loaded and provided with liner paper which is placed on top of the chocolate, after which the box is closed.

The finished box with contents is packed at approx. 18 degrees, stored cool and displayed at normal temperature at the point of sale.

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