Cake & Chocolate

At Christmas time, there is a rift about Christmas calendars with chocolate. If your confectionery is to be sold as a package calendar, we have the right solution for the packaging. We help you design it with motif, colors and logo – exactly as you want it – and as your customers will love it.

Although the packaging looks expensive, our prices are reasonable. Contact us and find out more about what we can do for you and your chocolate.

Luxury chocolate boxes

Life is like a box of chocolates… And a large part of the experience with chocolate is precisely the fine box, which envelops the delicacies and completes the experience.

Here you will find chocolate boxes in all sizes, shapes and colors for your products. If you want chocolate boxes with a logo, we can of course do this.

Cake tins and cake boxes

Cakes are popular as gifts and corporate gifts. With a nice packaging, there is definitely a happy recipient at the other end. We sell cake tins and cake boxes with lids in many sizes, shapes and designs. If you need cake boxes with panes so you can see the delicious contents, or if you need cake tins with a logo, you will find it at Embacollage.

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