Packing tape in paper

It may sound incredible, but wrapping paper in paper works just as well as regular wrapping tape – and then you can write on it. At the same time, the paper degrades more easily, and it will hopefully be available soon in an FSC-labeled version, which makes it even more sustainable.

Packing tape and accessories

At Embacollage, you can get all the accessories for wrapping you need when you are in the store. Packing tape, price gun, stickers and hangers are just some of the things you can buy from us.

Our standard packing tape is made of PP plastic and is available in different sizes. Strong and durable tape, which ensures that your shipments are securely wrapped and do not go up during transport. Design your own packaging tape to strengthen the branding of your business. Or to, in an easy way, give your shipping box a special look.

If you want our standard items, we have ordinary packaging tape in stock, or this beautiful tape with flowers that brings to mind summer and sunshine.

How to videos

Find different videos that show how to wrap a nice gift, use tissue paper or how to easily tie a nice bow every time.

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