We have a wide selection of luxury paper bags with handles in several sizes and colors in our standard range. In addition to standard solutions, we also offer specially designed solutions for you that will do something special for branding your business.

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Luxury bags – exclusive paper bags with handle

When it comes to branding your business, luxury bags are the ultimate choice. They complete your customer’s shopping experience with the feeling of something extraordinary and delicious. A luxury bag is actually a paper bag in extra delicious quality, often with a lamination that gives an exclusive look. The bag can also be used as a gift bag with a handle. Then you have an easy wrapping and luxury bag in one.

Many people think that luxury bags are an expensive choice, but it does not have to be. We have very competitive prices and are the market leader in just exclusive paper bags for the retail trade.

Luxury bag with many different options

The options are many when it comes to designing your luxury paper bag. Material selection and finish can be combined and complement each other in a myriad of solutions and exclusive results. It can function as a gift bag and carrier bag in one. This gives you a nice packaging for your product, which can also be easily carried by the customer

We always tailor a solution for you based on your needs and desire for branding, design and finished expression. See below what is a good idea to think about when choosing paper bags.

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