Gift ribbon with logo or company name

Many companies and shops choose to have gift ribbons made with a logo for wrapping. Make your items a mouthpiece for your brand by having the name or logo printed on the gift ribbon from Embacollage – an exclusive detail in the gift wrapping that keeps your name in mind for both the giver and the recipient.

Contact us and hear more about our solutions within gift ribbons with logo, and how the ribbon can be made personal for your particular company.

Gift ribbon – an exclusive detail

It is rarely the wrapping of a gift that is most important – but a stylish wrapping with elegant details such as a beautiful gift ribbon around the package can make giving a gift a slightly more special experience. Delight both the giver and the recipient of your goods with exquisite gift ribbons as the finishing touch to the package.

In our collection, we have gathered a wide selection of exquisite gift ribbons that put your personal touch on the wrapping of gifts. We always make sure to select the gift ribbons that fit the trends and colors of the time and can help match gift ribbons and gift wrap in an expression that reflects your image.

Many different options

Our gift ribbon is beautiful – and then it’s environmentally friendly. It is made from recycled plastic, which is spun into thin threads and woven into gift ribbons. The quality is soft and flexible, so you can easily tie a nice bow around the gift. We sell gift ribbons in many different colors that match our other packaging.

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Find different videos that show how to wrap a nice gift, use tissue paper or how to easily tie a nice bow every time.

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