Exclusive labels

In our own collection we have a wide selection of exclusive labels. These are used as a final finish on gift wrapping. Our very popular stamp labels are a good example: they are exclusive to look at and are a relatively inexpensive way to lift your packaging. You can have your stamp label designed exactly as you want it to look. Contact a salesperson to hear about the options.

Labels for wrapping

There are many options for using labels and labels with prints in your business. A label can be the perfect end to your wrapping that just helps to elevate the look of the gift a bit. It can act as a to-and-from card or contain important information for the recipient, e.g. a sales message or exchange date.

No matter what you need your label for, we will help you find the perfect solution. We have suppliers in both Denmark and China and design labels with prints for you exactly as you want them.

How to videos

Find different videos that show how to wrap a nice gift, use tissue paper or how to easily tie a nice bow every time.

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