Gift boxes with your logo or design

You can also choose to have gift boxes made with a motif and logo of your choice. Our skilled graphic designers will help you rather than like to design exactly the gift box that suits your brand.

With gift boxes from Embacollage, your company name attaches itself to both the donor and the recipient, who may never have been to your store.

Contact us for a talk about what type of gift box fits your items and takes the packaging to a new level.

Gift boxes that make the gift very special

Birthday gifts, Christmas gifts and just-because-gifts. When you give a gift away, it is of course the content that counts – but an elegant wrapping makes the experience greater. A nice gift box is the perfect packaging for an exclusive item. It is an easy solution for beautiful wrapping with a stylish expression that impresses both giver and recipient. Stand out from the crowd – find the right gift box in our large assortment.

How to videos

Find different videos that show how to wrap a nice gift, use tissue paper or how to easily tie a nice bow every time.

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