Tissue paper

Tissue paper

Crackling elegance in beautiful colors – give the gift wrap an exclusive touch with tissue paper under the gift wrap. Tissue paper is the perfect solution for wrapping jewelry, underwear, accessories, kitchenware and many other items. For strong branding of your company and your goods, we recommend tissue paper with the company name and logo. Finish the gift with a silk ribbon, which is also printed with your logo, and impress both the giver and the recipient of the gift.

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What is tissue paper?

Tissue paper is a very thin piece of paper. It does not weigh much and therefore tissue paper is cheap in shopping and shipping. The tissue paper has many uses:

For exclusive packaging of your product, whether it is a beautiful shirt, jewelry or something completely third

As a filling in boxes or luxury bags, where the tissue paper creates life and texture during unpacking

As transport filling, where the tissue paper acts as a shock absorber in shipping boxes or shipping bags (the light weight makes the tissue paper cheap in shipping, and then it is even a sustainable solution instead of plastic filling)

As a beautiful finish around a bouquet of flowers

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Find different videos that show how to wrap a nice gift, use tissue paper or how to easily tie a nice bow every time.

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