Felt bags

Felt-Bags Contact us now Contact Sales Felt-bags Felt bag is a new kind of eco-friendly packaging, which is more and more popular in the marketing. It comes from PET, Polypropylene, Polyester, which could be from all the common or used plastic product. With multiple needle punctures and appropriate hot-pressing treatment, the felt fabric roll come true. Its […]

Cotton bags

Cotton bags Shop standard now Order canvas bags with day-to-day delivery We have canvas bags as standard in stock. It is available in five colored quality canvases. The bag is a delicious, powerful quality without print. If you order the bag from our warehouse before 2 PM, we will send your order the same day. […]

Suit bags

Suit bags Shop standard now Suit bags as stock We have a standard stock of suit bags without print in felt, non woven and rPet. Therefore, we can offer fast delivery so you have them without long waiting time. Shop standard now Exclusive suit bags with high branding value A suit bag with print helps […]


Jute – bags Shop standard now Shop standard now ABOUT JUTE-BAGS Tote bags made of jute have the same qualities as the tote bags in cotton and canvas. Jute is a strong material that has many environmentally friendly benefits. The bag can be used again and again and washed gently if it has become dirty. […]

R-pet bags

R-pET Contact us Contact Sales The plastic that is recycled is, among other things, collected from the world’s oceans and in nature. It is thus plastic from bottles and other food packaging that we humans have thrown away in nature, which is recycled as rPET for, among other things, bags for the retail trade. Shopper […]


Non-woven Shop standard now Contact Sales Non-woven carrier bags You might not think of equal sustainability when you hear that non-woven bags are made of plastic. The material gains in its strength and durability, which makes it possible to use the bags again and again, and in this way they are more environmentally friendly than […]

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