Tape Shop standard now Packing tape in paper It may sound incredible, but wrapping paper in paper works just as well as regular wrapping tape – and then you can write on it. At the same time, the paper degrades more easily, and it will hopefully be available soon in an FSC-labeled version, which makes […]

Mailing boxes

Mailing boxes Shop standard now Contact sales Maillingboxes You get durable and safe shipping of your goods by using shipping boxes. With us, you can choose from a large selection of boxes for shipping, both standard sizes and customized solutions. All our shipping boxes are in environmentally friendly and FSC-certified materials. The boxes are easy […]

Paper mailing bag

Paper mailing bag Shop standard now RETURN SHIPPING OR NOT By putting two rows of tape on – and indicating a cut line between the two rows – your customers can easily open the bag and use it for return. Contact us now SHIPPING BAGS IN PAPER Shipping bags made of paper must be able […]

Plastic mailing bag

Plastic mailing bag Shop now Read more Plastic shipping bags Plastic is a very reviled material and it is also bad when plastic ends up in the oceans and destroys our nature. But plastic can also matter in terms of durability and recycling. The consumption of the earth’s resources from a plastic bag that is […]

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