If you choose paper as the material for your bags, you get a sustainable solution at Embacollage.

We use environmentally friendly FSC®-labeled paper for our products such as paper bags, corrugated cardboard and tissue paper. The paper formulates over time if it were to end up in nature.

What is FSC®-labeled paper?

FSC® is an abbreviation for the organization Forest Stewardship Council®, which works for sustainable forestry worldwide. When choosing FSC®-labeled paper, it is a guarantee for paper made from wood that is grown in an environmentally friendly and under socially responsible conditions.

Paper that is FSC®-certified is not recycled paper, and yet it is a sustainable choice. FSC®-labeled paper is made from pulp from new trees, which originates from sustainable forestry, and suitable for products that require a smooth and uniform top color, such as envelopes and bags.

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