Part of our packaging selection is made of plastic

The advantage of plastic as a material is that it is cheap to produce and can be made with exactly the colors and expressions you want.

From an environmental point of view, the otherwise insulted material is not necessarily a bad solution. Quality plastic carrier bags can be used several times, and if you choose recycled plastic, the CO2 footprint is lower than with new plastic (be aware, however, that recycled plastic will always have a colored undertone, which can affect dyeing in very light colors).

We sell the following types of plastic:

  • LDPE, virgin foil with glossy surface. New plastic that has not been used before
  • HDPE, virgin foil with matte, frosted, crackling surface
  • PCR or “Post-consumer recycled”, recycled foil with gray-white knotted / stained surface
  • PIR or “Post-industrial recycled”, recycled foil with a smooth surface.


Plastic bags

Our plastic bags are available in many different sizes, thicknesses and qualities and with and without handles. You will find everything from very thin, cheap plastic bags to premium plastic bags with a high delicacy value. Read more about our range of plastic bags.

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