Frederiksberg / Københavns optik

København / Frederiksberg optics This hardbox for Københavns Optik is produced as a drawer box in 2.5 mm. cardboard with finger hole and kept in a matte expression. It is printed in 2 colors with 100% color coverage, which is subsequently closed off with a matt lacquer to avoid smearing. RELATED CASES The logo on […]


pierced RELATED CASES Hotspot tooltip content goes here Hotspot tooltip content goes here

Nomad CPH

Nomad cph An exclusive magnetic box for Nomad. The box is printed in one color with 100% color coverage both inside and outside and finished with a matte lamination for protection. The logo on the lid is printed in gold foil and embossed, as an exclusive detail that rises from the surface and refines the […]


collage Magnet box with a WAOW effect inside. This magnet box is made of hard cardboard and is printed with a costumed pattern inside. RELATED CASES

Roya Caviar Madagascar

Roya caviar madagascar Magnet box with a print inside! Give your costumers a special feeling when they are unwrapping their products from you!This box is made with magnets for closures and has a varnish on the outside. The logo is in shiny hot foil silver and the inside has a custom print. RELATED CASES

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